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Les landscapes lol
High Rocks

The White Falls

Mason's Stream

The Green Dale


Rising Peaks

The Dry Fields

My chars:
Hooman hurr


KyraWolfes chars:
http://kg-designs.deviantart.com/fav...07534#/d2160r6 [Not my art]
Age: 33
Race: Human


I'll add it in a bit; Imma write m intros first ^^
So, the magical artifact the rp will be revolvng around; who's gonna find it?

I'd say they start somewhere in the Green Dale btw o3o Allthough I'll prolly dump Cora somewhere else, high Peaks, just for the lolz.

The sun shined bright and warm on the dark-haired boy's back who was herding his family's sheep in the fields near the village of Ashen. The village was one of the many villages in the large Green Dale, wich was surrounded by the Green Mountains. Whoever had come up with that name wasn't one for originality, Damian had decided at a very young age. Now twenty-three, he hadn't changed his mind.
His dark eyes watched the sheep closely. Their livestock wasn't really all that large, but large enough to get by with and small enough to be easily kept under control. Keeping them in check was one of the few tasks Damian liked. He didn't really like being told what to do, but he did like being with the animals, so whenever he was ordered to stay with them, he did obey.
He was sitting on a fairly large rock, that was overgrown with moss. His clothes were simple; brownish pants, a sleeveless shirt and leather shoes that had seen better days. Allthough they had never known famine where they lived, they did have to spend their money wisely, so new clothes were bought only when absolutely necesary. Damian understood and he didn't mind; it was the same for everybody here, after all.
The town of Ashen was a little bit on the conservative side; allthough wizards weren't generally treated hostile, the people here weren't overly fond of magic, if they had to be really honest. Wizards and magicians were usually treated with respect, but that was about it. Damian didn't like that. He wasn't really some wizard's rights activist or something, but magic just really intruiged him, so he wished that he could just have a chat with a wizard when one passed through the village without having to be looked at angrly afterwars by some of the townsfolks. Damian sometimes dreamt of leaving. He didn't really have a good reason to though, not one that would actually get his parents to let him go at least; they needed him on the land too much, so they usually emotionally blackmailed him whenever he gave even the slightest impression that he wished to leave. He sighed. Yeah, he could be quite rebellious, but when it came to his family, he prefered compromises over fights; they were his family after all.
One of the sheep strayed a bit too far from the rest. Damian frowned and jumped off the rock he had been sitting on, landing nicely on his feet, after wich he made his way to the sheep, getting it to go back to the herd. Damian then straightened his back and a thin smile appeared on his lips. Yeah, he really liked these creatures. Any animal, really.

She softly dug her heels into the flanks of her slightly massive and fairly small brown and white horse, Merry, after wich the animal, that had been trotting until now, broke into a smooth canter, a lot smoother than one would expect from such a horse.
They were going uphill, towards the Rising Peaks where the greatest of Elven cities lied, Palon. She had an appointment with one of her magic teachers in about an hour or two. Or something. Cora was hardly ever on time. It wasn't like things such as magic and swordfighting didn't interest her, she just easily lost track of time and usually wasn't very good at estimating how long a trip could take.
Merry's heavy hooves quickly moved across the grass, that in a few miles would be just a rocky surface. The horse was adjusted to that though; Merry was a typical mountain horse; heavily build, muscular, yet agile. A sturdy, brave and reliable mount. Most elves prefered more elegant horses, but Cora was happy with the two-coloured creature, for it had nerves of steel and had a great personality.
When the first trees started to appear and the surface became a little steeper, she reigned the horse in again for a bit, wich fell back into a slow trot. Cora wiped a few strands of reddish hair out of her typical elven face. She was lean but slender and had the typical facial features of an elf. She wore an armor that was a combination of enchanted cloth and a little metal plating here and there; protective, yet not too heavy and ideal for someone who used a lot of magic in combat as well.
She reigned Merry in even further when they reached the rockier parts. She steered the horse onto a thin, curvy path that led to the top of the highest peak. She was never going to be on time, she realised, but the knowledge that right now there wasn't much that could be done about that prevented her from getting too nervous. The only thing that made her feel uneasy was the fact that she would enter her class smelling of horse, dirt and pine trees, wich surely would not be appreciated.
Merry shook her thick manes and Cora chuckled. The two of them were fairly carefree. Allthough Cora's face made her appear a bit strict, wich was the case for most elves, she really wasn't. Moreover, she lacked quite some maturity her family would love to see in her.
The road grew more narrow, but Merry didn't flinch; they simply had been riding her too often for either one of them to get nervous from it at this point.


Location: Ashen.

Kaoru had just stocked up on some provisions for his road ahead. He knew it was going to be a long one, just as the previous one had been. Luckily he was also dressed for the journey now. He had put away his white knight's clothes and put on a darkbrown armor. But to hide that thick armor, he had a torn, black cape resting on his shoulders. It covered his entire upper body, where most of the light armor was. The village of Ashen laid in the Green Dale and actually was the only village within it. Well, there was one more, Villdan. But that town wasn't visited anymore. A long time ago a group of Orcs had made the castle theirs, and there was a high price on their leader's head, Gornak. Kaoru needed money, so even though he hated to fight these days, he would travel there. He put his hand on his sword that was resting on his hip for a moment and let his legs carry him to the border of the village. Here, his green eyes focussed on a flock of sheep. It probably wasn't such a nice thought for others, but they made him hungry. The last time he ate, was.. well.. he couldn't even remember. And even though he had some provisions, a free meal he wouldn't pass up.. Besides, he needed to save the few provisions he had, for dire situation. He lowered his stance, silently unsheathed his sword and slowly walked towards one of the unsuspecting sheep. Ready to attack..



From the corners of his eyes, Damian registrated a movement. Said eyes narrowed immediately. Damian quickly scanned the sheep, to see a shadowy figure crouched, closing in on one of sheep. Being quite the ill-tempered one, Damian immediately gave a shout, startling the sheep. He pulled out his dagger, wich was a bit of a butter knife compared to the weapon the stranger that had angered him was wielding. Damian didn't care. On average, he was an ok guy, but when he got angry, he became outstandingly reckless. And angry the young man was. His knuckles where white from his tight grasp around the dagger. He bared his teeth without thinking and rushed towards the unknown man, his feet moving quickly below him, wich startled the sheep even further, but Damian really couldn't care less at the moment. He held still in front of the man in the black cape and held himself back from attacking straight away. One wrong move from this man - wether it'd be a word of a gesture - and Damian would attack, even though he didn't really stand much of a chance, being unarmored and carrying nothing but a dagger.
"What in the world do you think you're doing?" he snapped. Adrenaline rushed through his body. It was typically one of those events in wich he kind of overreacted. Most sheperds would have calmed down a tad after the first shock and would probably have either thrown something or just asked what was going on. Damian wasn't like that. Damian was quick to anger. There were a few people who had to do a lot to provoke him, but strangers didn't belong to that group.
From under his dark hair, Damian kept a very close eye on the man.


As they proceeded, the landscape grew rougher and rougher. It seemed like an awful place to live, but that only went for people who hadn't seen Palon from the inside. The elven city had everything one could wish for; warm houses, the ability to, wich a little help of magic, grow crops and graze livestock and enough people to make sure they were well-defended at all times.
She reached the top of the mountain, wich was mostly like a huge plane with dozens of pointy, sharp rocks sticking out. It was cold op here, but Cora was used to it. Merry broke into a gallop again and as they rode, the city of Palon appeared in the distance. At first mostly like some sort of fata morgana, but more solid as she closed in.
When she passed the city gates, she was greeted by the guards. Despite the fairly high population, most of the elves here knew each other.
She reigned the horse in once inside the city walls and jumped off the animal's back. She took the reigns and walked through the street that led to the stables, near the normal houses, where she lived as well.
The elven architecture consisted of high and elegant buildings, raised with stones the color of sand, some a bit brighter, some a bit darker. There was quite some vegetation and the city had a lively feel to it.
As she entered the stables, Cora led her horse to the meadow where she took off both the bridle and the saddle. Merry trotted into the field, shaking her mane and Cora closed the gate, after wich she walked over to the castle, where she was supposed to meet her magic teacher. However, as she entered the great hall wich was decorated with banners, statues and carpets, she noticed an unusual crowdyness.
"What's going on?" she asked a maid that rushed by, holding a plate wich all kinds of cheese.
"About an hour ago we heard that the count of Algmen is coming to visit. Everything else has been cancelled." Before she could rush on, Cora quickly took a small part of cheese and strolled outside again. Count eh? Interesting.



With his hand still on his sword, he followed the sudden appearance of a sheep herder, with his two keen eyes. Even though he didn't expect him to be there, he hid his surprise well. Seeing the defensive stance of the man.. it probably wasn't the best idea to show him any of his emotions. Not that he was particulairly good with those anyways. "I apologize, i didn't think these sheep belonged to anyone." He let go of his sword, making it slide back into its lemmet again. Then he held up his hands, to show he meant no harm. And he didn't, all he wanted was a meal. For a short while he just kept his eyes on the dark-haired young man, completely silent. Untill the silence was broken by a well-timed growl of his stomach.



“You see a herd of domestic sheep near a village and jump to that conclusion?” Damian said. He may have sounded less agressive now, but sceptical nontheless. He hadn't cooled down, at all. His stance became slightly more relaxed when the man sheathed his blade, allthough he didn't do the same with his dagger.
He heard the man's stomach growl and frowned, allthough it did make him loosen his attitude a slight bit.
He then heard footsteps behind him and looked briefly over his shoulder. His father walked up to them, far more calm than his ill-tempered son.
“What seems to be the matter?” he asked, not impressed by the fact that Damian was still holding his dagger; he was familiar with his son's temper and as long as he didn't see blood he wasn't too worried.
“He tried to take down one of the sheep. Claims he thought they weren't domesticated,” Damian said, finally sheathing his dagger and folding his arms. It took more than an empty stomach to break the ice with him.
“I see. How unfortunate. I see the sheep are unharmed though. Please, tell me, traveler, what brings you to this tiny village?”
Unlike Damian, his father seemed quite curious about all this. Damian didn't give a shit. One of the sheep tried to get his attention. His expression softened a bit and he knelt to scratch her behind her ears.

Despite all the activity regarding the counts visit, Cora didn't feel all too rushed. She was a tad excited, but she never really got interested until the actual thing happened.
She strolled down the streets, enjoying the pleasant weather. She did wonder what that man was going to be doing here. Usually, such people tended to send their puppets to talk with the elves when they needed something; they hardly ever made the trip on their own. Understandable since it wasn't without danger to travel in the mountains when you didn't know them and on average, countries weren't very fond of losing their counts over something as silly as a journey.
Cora reached the well in the center of town. It was natural and the city was basically built around it. She sat down and took of her shoes, after wich she hung her legs in the water. Nobody used it for drinking anyway.



Despite the temper of the young man in front of him, he remained calm and collected. As he always was. Even though inside he got slightly annoyed at the impatience around him, he wouldn't show it. Besides, it would only make things worse. "Yes, i did think that," he mumbled, "Or perhaps i just hoped that". He subtly pulled the collar of his cape down, presenting the lower part of his face. It was not his preference to wear such a noticeable thing, but it helped him stay warm on his journeys so it couldn't be helped. His eyes met with a third pair that had arrived on the scene. Kao's first conclusion was that it was the boy's father. They beared a striking resemblance in their eyes and haircolor, but they both radiated a different type of energy. The boy was easily distraught, his old man seemed to be quite calm. Since Kaoru was better at talking with calm people, he turned his gaze to the elderly man. He took a short, but graceful bow, and then raised himself up again. "I apologize, sir. I didn't mean to steal away your property. Lately food has been scarce, so i just took the opportunity".
He looked at the younger man for a moment, but quickly looked back again. He didn't want to seem ill-mannered. "I came to this village for provisions, i have a long road ahead of me to Villdan. Even though so many have gone before, i would still like to try and rid us of the evil there. I have heard rumors of a ring, a ring that Gornak wears. If we can believe the rumors, it gives him his power".



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